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After the culmination of a UN sponsored political procedure, the first round of the Libyan Presidential Election was held during late December 2021. By creating a full integrated marketing campaign, we have managed to reach the masses and showcase the efforts the candidacy has made toward Libya

Rivoli’s personal care products have a diversity of choices that offer high quality standards. Their products are role in beauty, hygiene and personal care make them the perfect choice for every household. Part of the prestigious Arma group, currently exporting products to 27 countries in Africa and the MENA region.

The inspiration behind this video concept was to create an interactive arcade game that resonates with the younger demographic using the means of gamification - this way consumers can see, and stronger relate to the positive aspects and health benefits the Listerine product has to offer.


Le Petit Marseillais originated in a small french market town - the it is this reason our concept was chosen to have a playful organic feel. Leaning towards the authentic French stylistic values whilst including modern motion graphics.

Dynamic infographic videos are a perfect way to highlight and showcase all the key features of your brand or products. This video was created for Pico during 2020 highlighting their standards and procedures.


Transforming Neuth’s platforms to the next level. The rise of a new Neuth Campaign which covers all angels Medical, Educational, Informative, and Engaging. Embarking education and artistic concepts all under one campaign. Neuth are a French brand acquired by Eva-Derma in 2013. Neuth France is a French company specialised in cosmeceutical products, includes several cosmoceutical lines all designated for the beauty of our consumers. Products including: Anti-aging products, arnica products, hair products, acne care, and a range of sunblock.

The consumer preference is a constant dynamic shift; therefore, brands need to ensure their look and feel aims to attract the consumers. Reintroducing Covertina with a new and refreshed look was used to show the brand’s attention to the changes in consumer behaviour. We worked to create a new and improved look that spoke to the brand’s heritage and the new stylings of the generation.

Malizia branding offers you a day smooth, suave, and level of confidence. The soothing note of vetiver gives off an unusual masculine fragrance that will definitely portray a hint of reverence and power.